Cell Machines' patented technology converts human liver cells into microfactories

Cell Machines' patented technology creates unique cellular microfactories that efficiently express copious amounts of proteins.  This robust expression system and can then go to work in portable, geo-mobile production facilities. The result: Affordable, available protein therapy

Patented microfactories

Cell Machines creates cellular microfactories by using Cas/CRISPR technology to precisely guide a synthetic gene for a protein production into the highly productive albumin locus of Cell Machines’  patented C3A human liver cell line.  Cell Machines’ microfactories work without the chemical limitations or by products of currently used animal or human production methods. 

C3A micro factory production can then be put to work in modular, portable production facilities. The result: Low-cost, high-access protein therapeutics

High efficiency bioprocessing and uniquely portable production

Cell Machines’ microfactories produce commercial quantities of proteins, in portable, highly efficient production systems. 

An infusion schedule patients can live with: twice a month

Cell Machines' current focus: Create a pipeline of very long half life proteins for the treatment of hemophilia. 

•    Stabile8 for hemophilia A

•    Stabile9 for hemophilia B

•    Stabile7 for patients with inhibitors

Why Stabile 8? To reduce the needed infusions from 12 times a month down to twice 

Stabile 8 has the potential to:

•    Reduce factor administration by 85%

•    Dramatically increase compliance

•    Reduce the cost of treatment by at least 75%

•    Help make prophylaxis a common reality—and in doing so, save joint damage.

How does Cell Machines do it? 

Stabilization—not engineering
Cell Machines, we stabilize the target protein, we do not engineer it. Our unique technique avoids the possibility of disrupting the usual activity of the protein. And, the same technology can be applied to Factor 9 and Factor 7.

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High Efficiency Biology: Cell Machines’ patented technology converts non-embryonic human liver cells into cellular microfactories. These can produce copious quantities of hemophilia clotting factor in a clean, closed system, mimicking the way they are produced in nature.


What’s next? 

Cell Machines’ patented technology has clinical application beyond hemophilia. Our unique microfactories can potentially generate valuable protein therapies to treat other serious diseases, such as COPD and cancer. 

Cell Machines: Making affordable new molecules and biosimilars that can transform markets and lives.