Dedicated to making hemophilia treatment available to every patient—worldwide.  

Through a uniquely imaginative combination of patented, high efficiency biology and portable production to make long-acting factors, Cell Machines can efficiently address the cost and complexity of hemophilia treatment.

Because of a clear regulatory path, Cell Machines’ hemophilia products may be market ready in just a few years—allowing previously untreated patients access to life-changing therapies that were out of their reach—until now.

HEMOPHILIAA global disease largely treated only in the developed world.

  • 75% of patients in developing economies receive no treatment because it is unavailable or unaffordable.  

  • And in most developed countries, the use of highly recommended prophylactic treatment is lower than 50% due to the high cost of preventive infusions.

  • American payers report between 82-95% of costs of covering hemophilia are factor-driven. Cell Machines can drop that cost and increase prophylaxis use. 

Cell Machines' cellular microfactories can help to make prophylactic hemophilia treatment simple and affordable.

The safest drug that no one can afford or that arrives too late is of no benefit to a patient.
— Mark Skinner, The World Federation of Hemophilia Global Forum, October 2015