Recombinant, fully human, affordable therapy for hemophilia

Human:  Cell Machines is an early-stage biotechnology company producing unique, recombinant therapeutic proteins sourced from non-embryonic human liver cell line. Our first products will be very long-acting factors for Hemophilia A and B.

Patented: Cell Machines uses a proprietary human liver cell-based technology platform and has a rich patent estate covering multiple aspects of our technology.

Imaginative: Cutting-edge protein design paired with breakthrough bioprocessing in our proprietary cellular microfactories.

Positioned: Cell Machines is singularly positioned to meet the demands of today’s hemophilia patients—creating affordable and accessible protein therapies to address a high unmet global need for on-demand or prophylactic treatment.

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Cell Machines is CREATING:

  • Long acting, critically needed protein therapies
  • Transformative biosimilars for rare diseases
  • Affordable, available products for people who need them most